Chirstian Life

Is it lack of faith?

-Jorge L. Trujillo

According to some preachers, including one that I heard recently and what has prompt me to write this article, Christians get sick (or remain sick) because they do not have faith.  This preacher I heard said emphatically that “sickness is a curse” and that “no Christian should be sick.” But since there are many Christians that are sick he asked God why:

“I asked God: Why do Christians remain sick? And God told me that it’s because they do not believe.  I asked Him again and he repeated to me “because they do not believe” and of course I did not dare to ask again”.

Then the preacher continued saying something like this:

“Christians do not to go to the doctor when the first symptoms of sickness are felt in their bodies, that would be the proof of their unbelief.  They need to rebuke the sickness, they need to bind little Satan and reject the symptoms.  And they should consider themselves completely healed.”